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650g +30% Extra Fill Nishikoi Growth Pellet (Small)

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Key Features

  • 650g+ 30% Extra Fill= 845g
  • 37% protein for growth
  • Anti-oxidant action of vitamin C & E to help the immune system
  • Vitamin D for strong bone formation
  • Spirulina (enriched with essential fatty acids) that aids natural colour
  • Feed floats at the surface
  • Highly digestible quality fishmeal for healthy growth
  • 100% re-sealable, water resistant jars for freshness


Special offer 650g + 30% Extra Fill = 845g Jar

Nishikoi Growth Pellets are a high performance, colour-enhancing diet that is packed with the optimum level of highly digestible protein, to stimulate excellent growth while maintaining a well proportioned bodyshape when fed at normal summer temperatures.

The quality ingredients and enzymatic protein content aid digestion and assimilation to avoid wastage that goes undetected.

This food is "packed" with vitamins, minerals, and colour enhancers to keep your fish healthy, lively, and colourful.


650g + 30% Extra Fill = 845g

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