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Alfagrog Ceramic Filter Media - 500g

Sku: KKM131_0.5

Key Features

  • Highly porous bio media


This Pond Filter Media is biological filter media for ponds and aquariums.

The Supra Filter Media is popular among Pond and Aquarium keepers. Its highly active biological surface area, a great 240 square metres per 500g pack, allows for efficient reduction of lethal nitrite and ammonia that might be present in the Pond or Aquarium water. Beneficial bacteria are able to colonize and cultivate on high surface areas and this is vital for modern filtration systems and the work they do to provide clear and healthy water.

The Supra Media is suitable for the Fish Mate Powerclenz Pressure Filters, models 10000/15000/30000 and for BiOrb Aquariums.


500g pack

Powerclenz models 10000 and 15000 require 1x 500g

Powerclenz 30000 requires 2x 500g

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