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3-Piece Filter Foams - 11'' x 17''

Sku: KKM101

Key Features

  • Egg box cut for increased surface area.
  • High Quality foam for optimum filtration.
  • Universal - for use in any filter box.
  • Can be cut to size as needed.
  • Twin Packs available


3-piece foam packs: Coarse, Medium, & Fine.

Filter foams need replacing over time. Used foams lose their stability and their ability to perform the job needed of them. Replacing these foams on a regular basis ensure the continued high quality filtration of the water to produce a clear and healthy product

The Pisces pack of filter foams is a high quality substitute for your filter media sponges. The set consists of a Coarse, Medium and Fine grade of foam and will fit most size filters.

Each foam can be cut to size.


Universal replacement filter foams

Set of 3

3 sizes available

17" x 11" (43cm x 28cm)

18" x 25" (45cmx 63.5cm)

21" x 43" (54.5cm x 109cm)

Twin Packs of each size also available

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