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King British Safe Guard 500ml Treatment

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Key Features

  • Effective Dechlorinator
  • Removes harmful chemicals from Tap Water
  • Contains Aloe Vera to coat fish and protect their skin
  • Prevents stress and gill irritation
  • Ideal to use when starting a new pond or carrying out partial water change
  • 500ml Treatment for ponds up to 4500 Litres


King British Safe Guard Pond Treatment

Tap water contains chlorine, chlormine and heavy metals and while it is safe for humans, can be very harmful for pond fish. These chemicals can cause stress, gill irritation and serious health issues to any fish

Removing these chemicals from the Pond water is vital to allow the fish to live.

The Safe Guard treatment makes this water safe for fish by removing these chemicals as it is added to the water. Safe Guard also coats the fish with a natural barrier of Aloe Vera which can help sooth damaged tissue.

Use when starting a new pond or carrying out a partial water change

The treatment is safe and easy to use. Simply calculate the dose needed by following the enclosed instructions, dilute in a bucket or watering can and pour around the pond water.


500ml treats up to 4500 Litres


500ml Treatment

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