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King British Aquarium Sealant 78g

Sku: KBA101

Key Features

  • Creates Watertight seal
  • Silicone based
  • Can be used to repair broken aquariums or vivariums
  • Can also be used to apply fixtures inside
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Provides excellent adhesion and strong bonds


King British Aquarium sealant is a silicone based sealer, ideal for all aquaria building.

The sealer can be used in aquariums and vivariums to repair any damages as well as for use when building aquaria with or without metal frames.

It can also be used for applying fixtures inside or outside the tank, mounting valves and sealing connections.

The sealer creates a watertight seal and gives excellent adhesion even under extreme pressure. It stays flexible and will not shrink or crack.

It is harmless to fresh and saltwater fish


78g Tube

10 Year Guarantee

Please note. Sealant must be fully cured and dry before aquarium is filled.

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