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Bladgon Feature Algae Control 250ml

Sku: INT162

Key Features

  • Easy to Use.
  • Easy to Dose container.
  • Reduces Algae build up in features
  • Helps to combat Slime and Blanketweed
  • For use on Features
  • Not to be used with features that include fish


Blagdon Feature Algae Control is perfect for helping to reduce the occurrence of green water in any water feature.

When a decorative ornamental feature develops a green water problem, this can become unsightly and reduce the enjoyment of the feature.

Adding a treatment can help to reduce the build up of the green water, slime and blanketweed that occurs.

Blagdon Feature Algae Control can be added to the display and works to break down the algae so it can be easily removed.

Note. Not to be used in features with fish.


250ml Bottle

Treats 625 Litre (137 Gallons)

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