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Interpet Blue Moonlight 18W T5HO Compact Aquarium Replacement Bulb

Sku: INL351

Key Features

  • 18W T5HO Compact Bulb
  • Simulates Natural Moonlight Lighting
  • UVA and Actinic for Healthy and Fluorescing Corals
  • Perfect for Night Viewing
  • For Marine Reef and Inverts
  • Promotes Coral Growth
  • Great with Tropical Daylight and Reef Daylight Interpet Lamps


The Interpet Blue Moonlight 18W T5HO bulb is a specialist lamp suited for lighting up your marine aquarium at night time.

Featuring a 03 Actinic based spectrum but widened to enhance visibility of fish at night, the Moonlight lamp makes a great addition to complement your aquarium.

When used at night, the Blue Moonlight lamp allows you to see nocturnal fish as well as providing a UVA range below 400nm, allowing corals to be seen fluorescing.

To ensure minimal stress for the fish, time the moonlight lamp to come on before and go off after other lights in your Aquarium.


Wattage: 18w

Dimensions: 217mm x 40mm (8.5" x 1.5")

Energy Rating: B

Bulb Type: T5HO Compact 4 Pin Fitting

Delivers 400nm UVA Range & Actinic Range

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