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Interpet Blue Moonlight T5HO Aquarium Lamps

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Key Features

  • Blue Moonlight T5HO lamps
  • Simulates moonlight in the aquarium for easier night viewing
  • Helps to enhance beauty of the tank
  • Enhances blue fish and fluoresce coral
  • Promotes coral health
  • For use in Marine aquariums (alongside reef Tropical daylight or reef daylight lamps)


The T5 HO Interpet Blue Moonlight lamps are perfect for easy night time viewing of colourful fish and vibrant corals.

The Blue Moonlight has a light spectrum that has been designed for the delivering the correct levels of the UVA spectrum that allow some corals to fluoresce at night, helping to create a stunning and healthy display.

The lamp also uses the Actinic part of the light spectrum that ensures these corals get all the light required for the essential healthy growth they need (when used with Reef Daylight tubes)

The moonlight effect that is created by these tubes makes it easier to see elusive fish like catfish as well as crustaceans and makes night time viewing easier and more effective.


T5HO 24 Watt - 22" (560mm)

T5HO 39 Watt - 34" (860mm)

Length given is the overall length of the bulb, including the pins

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