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Interpet Reef Daylight Aquarium T8 Light Tubes

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Key Features

  • T8 Reef Daylight lamp
  • Simulates tropical sunlight conditions
  • Helps to promote coral growth in marine tanks
  • Assists in enhancing colours of marine fish
  • Long effective life
  • 10,000 Kelvin
  • 4 sizes to choose from


The Interpet T8 Reef Daylight Aquarium lamps have been designed to simulate tropical reef daylight and to give optimum performance to help your marine tank thrive.

Perfectly suited for marine life and invertebrates, these high intensity lamps have a light spectrum that helps to aid the growth of coral and macro algae. This spectrum is delivered by a unique quadphosphor mix that boosts the growth of the healthy coral.

The lamp also assists with enhancing the colours of the reef fish. The lamps can also be used in freshwater aquariums to help stimulate the growth of plants inside


15 Watt T8- 18" (450mm)

18 Watt T8 - 24" (600mm)

25 Watt T8 - 30" (750mm)

30 Watt T8 - 36" (900mm)

Length given is the complete length of the lamps, including pins

Each lamp is 25mm in diameter

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