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Interpet Submersible Aquarium Led Light Tubes

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Key Features

  • Single, Double and Triple Systems available.
  • Low profile transformer with inline switch
  • Multipurpose fitting brackets
  • High light output with low power use
  • Highly durable and fully waterproof
  • Longer lasting than standard bulbs
  • Easy to fix and/or relocate


The Interpet LED Lighting bar range easily enhances your aquarium viewing pleasure and allows you to add to your main aquarium lighting whilst also boasting being 100% waterpoof AND fully submersible.

The LEDs, in conjunction with the water movement will also add the calming ripple effect, transforming the appearance of the aquarium, allowing you to get the most from your viewing experience. As you may also be aware, LEDs provide a high level of light without using barrel loads of electricity in the process, so not only can you boost your viewing experience, you can do it with minimal additional cost, both in the initial purchase, and in the ongoing running costs.

The Single, Double and Triple Light Systems provides a balanced spectrum bringing out the best in the colours of your aquarium and encourages healthy plant and coral growth.

Why choose the rest when you can go with the best - Interpet - With over 60 years experience in the aquatic industry.


 Model  LED Length in mm  Number of LED  Suitable for Aquarium Size  Wattage
20cm Single Tube - Bright White 200 4  Above 210mm 0.8
20cm Single Tube Multi Colour 200 4   Above 210mm  1.2
36cm Single Tube Blue Moon 360 9 500mm 1.8
36cm Single Tube Bright White 360 9 500mm 1.8
36cm Double Tube Bright White 360 18 500mm 5.4
36cm Single Tube - Multi Colour 360 9 500mm 2.7
47cm Single Tube - Blue Moon 470 12 610mm 2.4
47cm Single Tube - Bright White 470 12 610mm 2.4
47cm Double Tube Bright White 470 24 610mm 4.8
47cm Triple Tube - Bright White 470 36 610mm 7.2
75cm Double Tube Bright White 750 30 762mm 6.0
75cm Triple Tube Bright White 750 45 762mm 9
90cm Double Tube - Bright White 900 42 1000mm 8.4
90cm Triple Tube Bright White 900 63 1000mm 12.6
115cm Double Tube Bright White 1150 60 1220mm 12
115cm Triple Tube Bright White 1150 90 1220mm 18
 47cm Twin (2x20cm) - Multi Colour 470 (2 x 200mm)  12 610mm 3.6
75cm Triple (3x20cm) - Multi Colour  750 (3 x 200mm) 18 762mm 5.4
 75cm Twin (2x36cm) - Blue Moon 750 (2 x 360mm) 18 762mm 3.6
 115cm Triple (3x36cm) - Blue Moon  1150 (3 x 360mm) 27 1220mm 5.4

Suitable for Marine and/or Fresh Water Aquariums

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