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Interpet Deltatherm Aquarium Heaters

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Key Features

  • Precise and Reliable Temperature Control
  • Double Insulated
  • Fully Submersible
  • Can be used in Marine and Freshwater Tanks
  • Top View Temperature control
  • On/Off light indicates if heater is in operation
  • Heat and Shock proof construction


Interpet Deltathem are reliable and robust Aquarium heaters, suitable for marine or freshwater tanks.

The Interpet DeltaTherm Heaters are made with high quality components encased in a robust heat and shock resistant glass. The compact heaters can be placed safely in any aquarium to enable you to accurately heat and control the water in your tank.

Featuring a top located temperature control, the heaters are easy to adjust to the required temperature and a front located on and off light indicates if the heater is on.

The heater can maintain your waters temperature up to 26C in a well heated home and is preset to 24C, a perfect temperature for most tropical fish. Simply adjust the heater to the temperature you require. Once the water reaches that level, the integral thermostat will turn the heater off.

The heater can be easily installed with the supplied sucker pads and it is recommended that the heater is placed at a 45 angle to ensure a more accurate reading.


Model  For Aquariums Size For Aquarium Length Power
DeltaTherm 25w 4 -30 Litres (1 -7 Gallons) 30 cm (11 Inches) 25 Watts
DeltaTherm 50w 23 -45 Litres (5 -10 Gallons) 46 cm (18 Inches)  50 Watts
DeltaTherm 100w 45 -90 Litres (10 - 20 Gallons) 61 cm (24 Inches) 100 Watts
DeltaTherm 150w 68 - 135 Litres (15 -30 Gallons) 76 cm (30 Inches) 150 Watts
DeltaTherm 200w 90 - 180 Litres (20 - 40 Gallons) 91 cm (36 Inches)  200 Watts
DeltaTherm 300w 135- 270 Litres (30 - 60 Gallons) 122 cm (48 Inches) 300 Watts

Dimensions (overall):

25, 50 and 100 Watt - 26cm

150 and 200 Watt- 32cm

300 Watt - 36cm

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