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Internal Aquarium Power Filters - Interpet

Sku: INF120

Key Features

  • Helps Maintain a Clean and Clear Aquarium
  • Easy Flow Rate and Direction Adjustments
  • Easy to Clean Filter Cartridge
  • Patented Aqua Valve (Non Return Valve for Easy Maintenance)
  • Increases Oxygenation


One of the most important components of an Aquarium is the Filtration System. Filters help to remove toxic compounds such as Ammonia from the water which can end up being very lethal to your fish and live plants if untreated.

The Interpet Internal Power Filter is an easy to use, versatile and comprehensive filter that allows for easy adjustments to be made such as the flow rate and any directional adjustment.

The Interpet Internal Power Filter features Biological, Chemical and Mechanical filtration:

  • The Plain Foam inside of the Aquarium performs the primary filtration of removing waste from the aquarium water, this includes uneaten food, dead plant matter, fish waste and surfactants.
  • The Biochamber which houses the biomedia (included) is used for allowing beneficial bacteria to grow and thrive inside of the filter which helps to break down Ammonia levels in the tank.
  • The Black Foam at the back of the filter takes care of the Chemical Filtration. When water is forced through this carbon impregnated foam, the carbon removes odours, toxic heavy metals and chlorine from the water.

With its patented “Aqua Valve”, waste particles can pass into the filter whilst not allowing them to fall back into the aquarium.

This allows you to turn off the filter and remove the body for cleaning purposes without seeing waste drop back into the Aquarium. The Interpet Internal Power Filter also features a powerful Venturi which allows air bubbles to be added to the Aquarium which can be used to supplement oxygen into the water and/or create a pleasing effect.


Model  Max Flow Rate  Max Aquarium Size: Length  Max Aquarium Size (Litres/Gallons) Power (W)
PF Mini 200 Litres Per Hour (44 Gallons) Up To Approx 35cm (14 Inches) 5 -40 Litres (1-9 Gallons)  5 Watts
PF1 380 Litres Per Hour (83 Gallons) Up To Approx 45cm (18 Inches) 45 -68 Litres (8-15 Gallons)  7 Watts
PF2 500 Litres Per Hour (110 Gallons) Up To Approx 60cm (24 Inches) 45 -90 Litres (10-20 Gallons)  9 Watts
PF3 800 Litres Per Hour (176 Gallons) Up To Approx 90cm (36 Inches) 82 -136 Litres (18-30 Gallons)  15 Watts
PF4 1000 Litres Per Hour (220 Gallons) Up To Approx 120cm (48 Inches) 127 -182 Litres (28-40 Gallons)  18 Watts

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