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Interpet Easy Test Nitrite Aquarium Tablet Kit

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Key Features

  • Easy to use kit
  • Tests for Nitrite levels in Aquariums
  • Simple tablet based testing system
  • Can be used in new aquariums, when adding new fish or on regular checks
  • For all Freshwater and Marine Aquariums


Nitrite is a chemical sometimes found in aquarium water, this is produced when any ammonia present in the water, is converted in filtration bacteria processes.

While it is not as toxic as ammonia, it can still potentially be dangerous to the aquarium fish. If the levels in the water are too high, they can cause disease and sometimes death of the delicate fish.

Testing for this chemical is essential but can sometimes seem daunting. The Interpet Easy Test kit has been designed to make the process easy.

Simply add a small sample of tank water in the 10ml vial and add on of the provided Nitrite tablets. Seal the vial and shake until the tablet is dissolved. After 10 minutes the water will change colour. Compare this to the enclosed chart to determine the levels in the water. If the level is too high, further treatment from a nitrite based treatment can be applied.

The tests can be used when starting a new aquarium, when new fish are added and for periodical checks to ensure the aquarium is running smooth and the filtration system is working correctly.



1 x 10ml Vial

20 x Nitrite Test Tabets

1x Guidance booklet

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