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Interpet Aquarium Bioactive TapSafe Treatment

Sku: INA300

Key Features

  • Conditions tap water to make it safe for Aquarium use
  • Removes harmful chemicals like Chlorine
  • Adds a soothing Aloe Vera compound to help protect fish skin
  • Simple to use
  • Suitable for coldwater, Tropical and Marine tanks


Tapwater is harmful for pond and aquarium fish. It contains a chemical compound called chlorine that is added to make the water safe for humans. But this compound combined with the possible trace of some heavy metals like copper and lead, makes it dangerous for fish. The water needs pre treating before being used in aquariums.

Interpet Bioactive Tapsafe does just that. By adding it to tap water, the treatment instantly removes toxic chlorine and chloramine along with any trace elements of toxic metals. This makes it safe for use in fish tanks and prevents damage to the delicate skin and gill membranes of the fish inside that can be caused if these chemicals are present in water.

The treatment also instantly adds Aloe Vera to help protect the skin of the fish as well as beneficial bacteria, to boost the biological cycles in the aquarium and consume toxic waste.

Tapsafe is simple to use. Calculate how much tap water you are adding to the aquarium then add 1 x 25ml of treatment for every 225 Litres (50 gallons) of water


125ml Treats 1125 Litres (250 Gallons)

250ml Treats 2250 Litres (500 Gallons)

500ml Treats 4500 Litres (1000 Gallons)

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