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Banish Pond Green Water Treatment - Industrial Leisure

Sku: ILT130

Key Features

  • Effectively treats and removes unwanted algae
  • Safe for fish, pond life and plants
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Quick acting treatment for green water


Green Algae, or green water, can look unsightly in a pond and makes it increasing difficult to view and monitor the fish within the pond.

The Green algae can cause damage to the ponds pump and filter system which in turn can reduce their effectiveness, and ultimately could cause your equipment to breakdown.

Banish Pond Green Water is a highly effective and quick acting treatment that can easily and safely remove the green algae without presenting any danger to the fish or live plants within the pond.

The treatment is safe and simple to use. Simply add 10ml per 225 Litres (50 Gallons) of pond water, pour into pond and repeat in a week if needed.


250ml Treats 5688 Litres (1250 Gallons)

1 Litre Treats 22750 Litres (5000 Gallons)

2.5 Litres 56875 Litres (12500 Gallons)

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