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Hozelock Floating Ice Preventer

Sku: HZH102

Key Features

  • Simple to use
  • Floats on water surface
  • Connects to an air pump
  • Effectively prevents ice from forming on the pond surface


Hozelock Floating Ice Preventer, an easy way to keep ice at bay.

The Hozelock Floating Ice Preventer is a simple to use product that helps to keep your pond safe from freezing over in the winter months.

Place the polystyrene ring on your pond water surface and attach an air line to your air pump (not supplied). The air bubbles produced beneath the float effectively keeps the water surrounding it moving gently and aids in preventing the ice to form when the temperatures dip.

Includes the float and air pipe feed (air pump, line and stones not included)


30cm Diameter

7cm Deep

Includes central tube for feeding airline

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