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Hozelock Ecocel Pond Filters

Sku: HZF150.M1

Key Features

  • Can be buried up to the outlet point
  • Compact Filter box
  • Carries Hozelock's 'Clearwater' guarantee when combined with correct Vorton UVC
  • Includes filter media
  • 2 year guarantee


The Hozelock Ecocel filters have several features built-in to increase practicality and performance.

When used with the correct size Hozelock Cyprio UVC they carry the Clearwater Guarantee.

The Hozelock Ecocel filter is a compact filtration system that is easy to install in any new or exisiting pond set up. The filter box can be buried in the ground up to the lid or simply placed where needed around the pond.

Water enters the unit via a top mounted spray head, which aerates the water for a high oxygen content as it sprays the water onto the foam media below. Solid particles in the water are then trapped in the foam sheet.

Almost solids free at this point, the water then passes through plastic biomedia where beneficial bacteria cleanse pollutants.

Purified water then passes up an outlet tube and back into the pond.

2 year guarantee

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 2500  3500 Litres / 825 Gallons  2500 Litres / 550 Gallons  1100 lph  385 x 300 x 405mm  25 -40mm  1 x 40mm
 5000  7500 Litres / 1666 Gallons  5000 Litres / 1110 Gallons  2250 lph  385 x 300 x 405mm  25 -40mm  1 x 40mm
 10000  15000 Litres / 3333 Gallons  10000 Litres / 2220 Gallons  4500 lph  385 x 300 x 485mm  25 -40mm  2 x 40mm

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