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Hozelock Pump and Filter Combi Kits

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Key Features

  • Ecopower Plus Filter and Cascade Pump set
  • Also includes Cypriflex Hose and clips
  • UV Chamber intergrated into the filter
  • Biological and foam media for clearer water.
  • Cascade pump includes fountain attachment.
  • 2 Year Guarantee (Filter and Pump only)


Hozelock Combi kits, available in 2 sizes.

New to pond keeping or wanting to replace an existing set up, the Hozelock Combi kit is an all you can need set for your pond needs.

Included in each kit is a Ecopower Plus Filter, one of Hozelocks most popular and high performance box filters. The filter has an intergrated UV clarifier at the top of the box, when the pond water enters the filter it passes through the UV before it carries on its journey the lower filter. In the bottom of the filter has biological media as well as filter foam. From here the pond water is filtered to remove debris and waste. The clean and clear water then exits the filter by the discharge pipe at the bottom.

The kits also come with the Hozelock Cascade Pump. A perfect pump to run alongside the Ecopower systems. The pump has been matched up perfectly with the equivilent filter to work well together. The Cascade pump can also act as a fountain pump. With its flow control and telescopic fountain pipe, you can create a small fountain effect within your pond.

The kit also comes complete with hose and hose clips.

All you need in one package.


Model  Filter Included  Pump Included  Max Pond Size (Mixed) LPH (GPH)  UV  Hose Diameter  Hose and Clips 
Combi Kit 2500 Ecopower Plus 2500  Cascade 1500 2500 Litres / 550 Gallons 1500 (330) 6 Watt 20 -25mm  7m Hose/ 2x Clips
Combi Kit 4000 Ecopower Plus 4000  Cascade 1500 5500 Litres / 1210 Gallons 2000 (440) 8 Watt 20 -25mm  7m Hose/ 2x Clips
Combi Kit 6000 Ecopower Plus 6000 Cascade 4000 6000 Litres / 1320 Gallons  4000 (880) 12 Watt 20 -25mm 7m Hose/ 2x Clips

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