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Hozelock Easyclear All in One

Sku: HZC100

Key Features

Easy Installation

Everything is placed in the water so that there is no need for a filter system outside the pond which is difficult to disguise. Furthermore, only one electric cable makes installation very simple.

- One power cable for simple and cost effective installation.

- Ball joint for easy levelling of fountainhead.

- Feet for stability.

- Fountain stem extension segments for varying pond depths.

- The quick connect hose connector allows easy hose connections for running a waterfall.

Easy Operation

- 3 Fountainheads (2 Tier, 3 Tier & Bell) for display choice.

- Flow control to adjust size of fountain.

- Flow control to adjust size of waterfall.

- Fully integrated filter

- UVC, mechanical and biological action.

Easy maintenance

- Latch for tool free access to filter foam for cleaning.

- Anti-clog fountain strainer for low maintenance.

- Bayonet fitting for easy access for lamp changing and cleaning.

- Water bypass allows continued UVC and fountain operation if foam is blocked.

Accessories Included

- 2 Tier Jet

- 3 Tier Jet

- Bell Jet

- 4x Fountain Stem Extension Pieces

- 10m cable.


Hozelock EasyClear all in one pond filter systems are fully integrated units that to be positioned in the pond and guarantees beautiful, clear and healthy water and an attractive and reliable fountain or waterfall display. Hozelock EasyClear's provide the following:

1. Clear water - The built in ultra violet clarifier eliminates green water

2. Healthy water - The mechanical filter sieves out solids that make the water cloudy and ensures the water is healthy for fish and plants

3. Fountain display - The fountain creates a decorative display with a choice of three fountain heads.

4. Waterfall - An attractive waterfall or a combination of waterfall and fountain can be run. (2500, 3000 and 4500 models can only run either/or)

3 Year Guarantee

Instructions Manuals:

2500 / 3000 / 4500: Click Here

6000 / 7500 / 9000: Click Here


Model  Max Flowrate  Max Volume - Low Fish Stock  Max Volume - High Fish Stock  Max Fountain Height  Bell Jet Diameter  Waterfall Height  UV Lamp  Power  Dimensions (mm)
2500 1260 LPH (277 GPH) 3000 Litres/660 Gallons 2000 Litres/ 440 Gallons 0.7m 0.4m 0.5m 5 Watt 25 Watt 310x310x276
3000 1260 LPH (277 GPH) 3000 Litres/660 Gallons 2000 Litres/ 440 Gallons 0.7m 0.4m 0.5m 5 Watt 25 Watt 310x310x276
4500  1260 LPH (277 GPH) 4500 Litres/990 Gallons 3000 Litres/660 Gallons 0.7m 0.4m 0.5m 7 Watt 28 Watt 310x310x276
6000 1700 LPH (374 GPH) 6000 Litres/1333 Gallons  4000 Litres/880 Gallons 1.3m 0.6m 0.6m 9 Watt 40 Watt 355x310x276
7500 1700 LPH (374 GPH) 7500 Litres/1650 Gallons 5000 Litres/1100 Gallons 1.6m 0.6m 0.6m 11 Watt 43 Watt 355x310x276
9000 2850 LPH (627 GPH) 9000 Litres/2000 Gallons 6000 Litres/1333 Gallons 1.9m 0.7m 0.9m 13 Watt 55 Watt 390x310x276


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