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Replacement Foam and Bulb Kit - Hozelock Easyclear 3000/3000LV

Sku: HZA411

Key Features

  • Annual Service Pack
  • Includes 5 Watt PLS
  • Also includes 2 x Easyclear Foams
  • Easy to install
  • Fits Easyclear 3000 All in One


Service Kit for Hozelock Easyclear 3000.

Regular maintenance on your pond equipment is recommended to ensure they work to their full capacity. Replacing UV bulbs and foams may seem daunting at first. However with this convenient pack, you will have all you need to complete the vital service on your filter.

Included in this set is the relevant foams and UV tube for the Hozelock Easyclear 3000/3000 LV. The set includes a 5 Watt PLS bulb and 2 x Easyclear replacement foams.

All you could need in one handy pack

This set will also fit some older models (please see specifications)


Set includes:

1x 5 Watt PLS bulb

2 x Easyclear replacement foam

To fit:

Easyclear 3000 (3003)

Easyclear 3000LV (3113)

Easyclear 3000 (1760)

Easyclear Clearwater and Fountain Pump (3001)

Easyclear Filter LV (3027)

Easyclear 3 in 1 (3327)

Please check the model number of your Easyclear before purchasing.

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