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Hydor External Aquarium Heaters

Sku: HDH100

Key Features

  • Attaches to external hose
  • Easy to connect to cannisters and sumps
  • PTC Technology
  • Unique Vertical application
  • Electronic Temperature Control
  • 200 Watt available to fit 12mm and 16mm Pipe


The Hydor External Aquarium Heater is an alternative to heating your aquarium water.

The Hydor ETH Heater has a unique application that fits vertically on the pipes from your external filter. The heater has exclusive PTC, Positive Thermal Coefficient technology, ensuring maximum safety against risks of overheating.

The heater has a electronic temperature control with a signal light as well as a hanging hook for easy installation. Connecting onto the pipe work is easy and convenient.

Using an External Heater reduces the amount of the equipment in the tank which increases the enjoyment of the aquarium and gives the fish more room to live, helping to promote a healthy tank

The ETH heaters are available as 200 Watt to fit both 12mm and 16mm external filter hose pipe and the 300 Watt in 16mm.

Suitable for tropical and marine aquariums.


     For Temperature Increase Up To*  
Model   Power in Watts  8C  10C  Cable Length
ETH 200 - 12 (12mm)  200  200 Litres Maximum  180 Litres Maximum  1.5 Metres
ETH 200 - 16 (16mm)  200  200 Litres Maximum  180 Litres Maximum  1.5 Metres
ETH 300 - 16 (16mm)  300  300 Litres Maximum  250 Litres Maximum  1.5 Metres

*Please Note -Temperatures stated are a guide to show the maximum possible increase from the ambient temperature of the room the tank is situated in.


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