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Saki Hikari Pure White Medium Pellet 5kg Bag

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Key Features

  • Contains special formula for improved shiroji
  • Natural food for Koi fish
  • Contains Hikari-Germ which helps improve fish intestines and promotes healthy feeding.
  • 5kg Bag
  • Medium Floating Pellet


Saki Hikari Pure White is a specially formulated fish food designed for snow white Shiroji.

The Shiroji is the distinctive white area seen on Koi fish, over time this can become discoloured and take on a yellow appearance.

Pure White has been developed to help keep the vibrant colours of a koi healthy. The food contains a selection of specially choosen ingredients including ground seasame seeds that contain important antioxidants that help the shine of the skin. The food also contains an extract of Japanese Apricot, a Japanese Health Food, containing natural Apricot-Polyphenol and high levels of citric acid which help support an efficient metabolism, an important step in helping to keep the shiroji healthy.

Also contains levels of Hikari-Germ , a live and beneficial spore form of bacteria which promotes the development of healthy fish intestines and allows for a more efficient feeding behavior.


5kg Bag

Medium Pellet

Feeding Guidelines

Above 18c- Feed Pure White two to four times a day based on the activity level of the fish.

Below 18c- Feed Pure White twice a day based on fish activity levels

Between 12c and 18c - Feed Pure White twice a day, try to feed during the warmest part of the day

Between 5c and 12c- Carefully regulate the amount fed based on the activity level of your koi and pond conditions. Do not over feed

Below 5c.- Stop all feeding

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