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Hikari Koi Friend Pond Pellets

Sku: HIF230

Key Features

  • Provides a well balanced nutritional package providing basic nutrition without offering color enhancement or superior growth characteristics.
  • Offers the consumer excellent value for their money, yet provides adequate nutrition to keep their pond fish healthy.
  • High in stabilized vitamin C which promotes resistance to stress and immunity to infectious disease.
  • Advanced production technology allows us to provide you with a food that will not stain or cloud your pond water.
  • Floating foods allow you to easily monitor and adjust the amount of food fed to avoid over-feeding.


Hikari Koi Friend fish food pellets are recommended for all types of fish, including koi, normally kept in a pond environment. Min 30% Protein.



Carefully feed the amount your fish will completely consume within a few minutes, based on your water temperature, pond condition and the activity level of your fish.

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