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Hydor 400g Carbon Media for Marine/Salt Water

Sku: HDM102_b

Key Features

  • High Quality Materials
  • Media for Internal and External Aquarium Filters
  • Safe for fish and aquariums
  • For use in Salt/Marine water tanks.
  • No unpleasant odours
  • Minimun Ash Content
  • Ultra Fast absorbing
  • 400g Mesh Bag


Hydor Active Carbon for Salt Water

This fish safe Activated Carbon has a low ash content and is perfect for all Salt Water aquariums.

The media is designed to create crystal clear water without effecting the pH of the tank.

This carbon media ensures rapid removal of harmful substances like organic residue and dyes in the water as part of a filter set up, resulting in crystal clear healthy water.

Provided in 1 x 400g mesh bags, simply place the media in your filter. Do not rinse in tap water


1 x 400g MesH bag

Surface Area: 1000m2g1

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