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Fish Mate All in One Submersible Filter System 5000 SUV

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Key Features

  • All in One Unit
  • Powerful Pump and Filter System
  • 11 Watt UVC Clarifier Included
  • Options to Run a Fountain Alongside a Water Feature
  • 4 Fountain Heads Included, Bell, Column, Plume and Tiered
  • Flow Control Option on Fountain
  • Suitable for Ponds up to 1000 Litres
  • 2 Power cables, controlling Pump and UV
  • 3 year Guarantee


New for 2016 from Fish Mate is the All in One 5000 Submersible Pond Filter system, all you need in one package.

The All in one system contains all equipment commonly seen in garden ponds. Pumps, Filters and UVC Clarifiers can all take up room around your pond. The 5000 All in One contains all elements together and is topped off with a fountain accessory head option.

The system is run by a powerful and highly efficient pump capable of handling up to 1200 LPH. The pump has ceramic shaft bearings ensuring a long service life.

The filtration system is next, consisting of 2 bags of biological media and 3 layers of filter sponge, giving the best filtration it can to your pond.

An 11 Watt UV Clarifier sits to one side of the internal workings and works hard to clump together the green algae that passes it so the filtration media can do its job easier and more effectively.

But thats not all this system has to offer. The top houses a fountain attachment with 4 different options available. A side positioned multi-staged hosetail allows you to also add a connection to a nearby water feature or external waterfall and a single control knob allows you to adjust the flow between the options.

The 5000 SUV All in One is an all round piece of equipment that is an essential part of your pond set up.


Dimensions: 34cm x 25cm x 32cm * Approx

Max Flow Rate: 1200 LPH (264 Gallons)

For Ponds up to: 1000 Litres (200 Gallons)

UVC: 11 Watts

Fountain Heads included: Bell, Column, Plume and Tiered

Guarantee: 3 Years

Power Cable UV: 10 Metres

Power Cable Pump: 10 Metres

Plugs supplied: No

May be connected to a waterfall or feature with 12mm (1/2"), 19mm (3/4") or 25mm (1") hose.

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