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Fish Mate Supra + Biological Filter Media

Sku: FMA103

Key Features

  • Ceramic Ring type media
  • Biological Media
  • 2600 Square foot of Biological surface
  • Can be used in pond and aquarium filter systems
  • Helps to lower nitrate and ammonia in ponds
  • 500g Bag


Fish Mate Supra + Media is a ceramic media that has a large biologically active surface area.

This allows for super efficient reduction of levels of lethal nitrite and ammonia in pond water.

Because it has a high surface area, beneficial bacteria populations can cultivate in large numbers and work well in modern filtration systems.

Supra+ improves water quality for an overall healthy aquatic system.

Can also be used in Aquariums

Pack contains 2600 SQ FT (240 m2) Biological surface


500g Bag

2600 Sq ft (240 m2) surface area

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