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Eden Aquarium Water Pumps

Sku: EDP100

Key Features

  • High Performance
  • Low power consumption
  • Adjustable flow rates
  • Submersible or dry mount operation
  • 2 Years Guarantee


The EDEN range of water pumps are some of the most technically advanced pump systems available today.

The EDEN water pumps are fully submersible (can be dry mounted), silent, powerful and versatile. They offer low consumption and are built for continuous use with a thermal overload protector and equipped with a self-protected motor thus requiring very low maintenance. Different versions are available to best satisfy the needs of the different aquariums/ pumping purposes.

The Mini Eden Pumps 105/109 are a miniaturised version that features a low consumption, high performance motor that in operation is very quiet. These pumps are particularly suitable for filtration and water circulation in small aquariums, table top fountains, to create rivers and cascades in small features and plastic models, etc

The Compact Eden Pumps 126/128 models feature a unique impeller with two antifriction bearings and vibration absorbers, creating an extremely quite and long lasting rotor system. These pumps also have 6 variable flow rates to choose from.

The High Performance Eden Pumps 135/140/159 models use magnetic synchronous motors to deliver the best in water pump efficiency. They come with two inlet covers, a female BSP threaded outlet and a ribbed hosetail adaptor for great versatility. These pumps are equipped with flow control valve.

All pumps come with 1.5m of cable and fitted with suction cups made out of highly acoustic absorbing non-toxic material to insulate the unit and avoid possible vibration of the pump against the walls of aquarium.

Eden is a brand from the prestigious Oase manufacturing group, well known for premium pond products


Model  Max Flowrate in LPH (GPH)  Max Head  Power  Inlet Options  Outlet  Dimensions 
105   300 (66)  0.5m  5 Watt  Protected inlet only  12.5mm  35wx47dx54h (mm)
 109  500 (110)  0.8m  5 Watt  Protected inlet only  12.5mm  35wx47dx54h (mm)
 126  800 (176)  1.5m  20 Watt  Protected inlet only  15mm (5/8")  54wx89dx74h (mm)
 128  1150 (253)  2.0m  25 Watt  Protected inlet only  15mm (5/8")  54wx89dx74h (mm)
 135  2000 (440)  2.25m  32 Watt  Protected inlet-0.75 inch male BSP  0.75 inch female BSP-16mm hose adaptor   76wx108dx119h (mm) 
 140  2800 (616)  3.0m  55 Watt  Protected inlet-0.75 inch male BSP 0.75 inch female BSP-16mm hose adaptor  76wx108dx119h (mm) 
 159  5000 (1100)  3.1m  82 Watt   Protected inlet-0.75 inch male BSP    1 inch female BSP-25mm hose adaptor    76wx108dx119h (mm) 

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