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Sku: EDH100

Key Features

  • Precise heat control
  • Accurate thermostat
  • Fully Submersible
  • An intergrated control light clearly shows when heating
  • 2 Year Guarantee


Simple and easy to use Internal Aquarium Heater from Eden.

Eden is a brand from the prestigious Oase manufacturing group, well known for premium pond products.

It provides accurate water temperature readings thanks to its thermostat system that reacts only to the water temperature and not to the heating element within the unit.

For added control there is also the added ability to manually calibrate the thermostat should it be needed.

The Eden heaters can be fully submersed in the water and can be safely attached to the sides of the tank with suction cups.


Increase From Room Temperature

Tank Size in Litres (Gallons)  5C  10C  15C
 up to 25 (5.5)  50w  50w  75w
 up to 50 (11)  50w  50w  100w
 up to 75 (16.5)  50w  75w  100w
 up to 100 (22)  75w  100w  200w
 up to 150 (33)  100w  150w  300w
 up to 200 (44)  150w  200w  2x200w
 up to 250 (55)  200w  250w  2x250w
 up to 300 (66)  250w  300w  2x300w

Length of Heater

50 Watt - 205cm

75 and 100 Watt - 243cm

150 and 200 Watt - 315cm

250 and 300 Watt - 370cm

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