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Eden External Aquarium Filters with Eden Water Heater

Sku: EDF130

Key Features

  • Space Saving Design with Eden 425 Water Heater Integrated into System
  • Professional Easy to Use System with Adjustable Flow Control
  • Includes Ceramic Media and Spray Bar
  • Double Filtration with Internal Biological Cycle
  • Calibrated Rotor Siting to Prevent Vibration and Noise
  • 3 Year Guarantee


The Eden External Filter range comes with the benefits of being a safe, compact and small-sized filter unit which performs to the highest professional standard of water filtration with an almost silent operation. The motor is completely sealed and thermal-protected ensuring reliability and lower power consumption.

Water is pumped through the internal multi-chamber filtering system including its very effective biological stage, resulting in crystal clear water returning to the tank. The Eden External Filter range is a professional canister filter, suitable for both fresh and saltwater tanks.

Supplied with complete intake systems, hoses and connecting elbows with a spray bar, which provides for a better oxygen exchange at the water surface or with a flow deflector to adjust water direction. The original design and small size make the placing beside or behind a tank very easy and safe, particularly suited to fit reduced spaces.

Self-priming start-up by means of the cap used to fill the chamber, the easy open filter head opening reduces the risk of pouring water on the floor and the childproof lock make these external filters more reliable than any other. Vibration is at a minimum due to the four rubber feet at the bottom of the filter container which also offer major stability and quietness; avoiding direct contact with surfaces on which they are placed.

Eden is a brand from the prestigious Oase manufacturing group, well known for premium pond products

Comes supplied with a 1.5m power cable


Model   Max Tank Size in Litres (Gallons)  Max Flow Rate in Litres (Gallons) 1st Filter Volume  2nd Filter Volume  Chemical Volume  Bio-Filter Volume  Power  Dimensions
 511 +100Watt  100 (22)  600 (132)  1250cm³  none  none  700cm³  11 +100w  120wx200dx240h (mm)
 521 + 200Watt  200 (44)  800 (176)  1500cm³  2200cm³  600cm³  1400cm³  17 +200w  180wx290dx330h (mm)
 522 + 300Watt  300 (66)  1000 (220)  1500cm³  3700cm³  600cm³  2100cm³  23 +300w  180w290dx420h (mm)


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