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Eden Internal Aquarium Filters

Sku: EDF110

Key Features

  • Suitable for tanks up to 100 Litres (320 model) 180 Litres (325 Model) 300 Litres (328 Model)
  • Reliable efficient filter with low running costs
  • Supplied with internal filter foam and active carbon and biomedia (with 325 and 328 Models)
  • Rotating outlet improves aeration and water surface movement
  • 2 Year Guarantee
  • 1.5m Cable


The Eden Internal Aquarium Filter range combines the unique characteristics of a self-rotating water outlet and a compact efficient filter system.

Eden is a brand from the prestigious Oase manufacturing group, well known for premium pond products

Water is drawn through the bottom of the filter unit passing over the large surface area of the filter foam and active carbon. The adsorbing material can be replaced independently and without having to replace the filter cartridge. Both internal chambers can be filled with different filter media for mechanical or biological filtration.

The “Wavelet system“ is a unique self-rotating outlet which moves clockwise and back automatically this allows the water to be re-introduced to the tank over an larger area creating surface movement(small waves). The outlet also encompassing Venturi aerating jets which enables air and water to be mixed at high speed, together these features greatly improve the oxygenation of your water without hampering the pumps performance or overcrowding your tank thanks to its compact size.

Furthermore this system is equipped with a silencer for a smooth and quiet operation.

The 325 and 328 filter models have three media chambers and come supplied with Bio filter media along with the active carbon and filter foam. The added benefit of biological filtration further enhances the filters ability to create crystal clear water in your aquarium.

Supplied with 1.5m power cable



Model  Max Tank Size in Litres (Gallons)  Max Flow Rate in LPH (GPH)  Pre-Filter Volume  Bio-Filter Volume  Chemical-Filter Volume  Power  Dimensions
320   100 (22)  400 (88)  200cm³  none  30cm³  9 Watt  65wx110dx185h (mm)
 325  180 (39)  500 (110)  400cm³  170cm³  70cm³  11 Watt  90wx120dx233h (mm)
 328  300 (66)  1000 (220)  400cm³  170cm³  70cm³  25 Watt  90wx120dx250h (mm)


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