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Evolution Aqua Evo UV Pond Clarifiers

Sku: EAU110

Key Features

  • Powerful Ultraviolet Light
  • Low Energy Economical Design
  • Thermal Overload Protection
  • Kills Algae
  • Modern Design
  • Supplied with Mounting Brackets for Easy Installation (Horizontally or Vertically)
  • 2 Years Guarantee


The new Evolution Aqua EvoUV Clarifiers are a professional range of powerful ultraviolet units that are both economical and extremely efficient when it comes to eliminating algae in your pond.

Adding a UV Clarifier to your pond system is an additional benefit to the filtration process. As the algae rich water passes through the UV unit, the ultraviolet light destroys the single cell algae that causes green algae.

The Evolution Aqua EvoUV Clarifiers are powerful yet economical units that have been designed using the latest techniques to ensure effective flow rates and optimum performance. These units will work alongside many different filtration systems and are easy to install using flexible hose or hard pipe, making them easy to integrate within existing pipework runs.

The EvoUV Units feature a low energy electronic ballast that is positioned in a robust and completely water tight compartment with full thermal overload protection.


Model Max Pond Size Max Flow Rate UVC Watts Inlet/Outlet Size Dimensions  (LxHxD)
evo15 15000 Litres 7500 Litres/Hr 15W 1.5" 580 x 167 x 88mm
evo25 20000 Litres 10000 Litres/Hr 25W 1.5" 580 x 167 x 88mm
evo30 30000 Litres 15000 Litres/Hr 30W 1.5" 980 x 167 x 88mm
evo55 55000 Litres 20000 Litres/Hr 55W 1.5" 980 x  167 x 88mm
evo75 75000 Litres 25000 Litres/Hr 75W 1.5" 1280 x 167 x 88mm
 evo110  75000 Litres  25000 Litres/Hr  110W (2x 55W T8)  2"  1055 x 230 x 160mm

All models up to the evo75 comes supplied with 2x 1.5" BSP Male threaded hosetails.
The evo110 does NOT come with any fittings.

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