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Evolution Aqua Dechlorinator In Line Filter

Sku: EAT130

Key Features

  • No Mess cartridge changes-just unclip and replace
  • Highest grade activated carbon
  • Simple to Use
  • Clean and "no hassle" water changes via hose
  • Ideal for First Fills
  • Connects to a garden standard hose


Evolution Aqua Dechlorinator, an in line carbon filter that helps remove harmful chemicals.

As all pond keepers know, tap water contains chlorine and other impurities that are harmful to pond fish when it comes into contact with them. These chemicals can cause health problems and adversely effects the growth of benefical bacteria in all filters. Effective removal of these chemicals is essential. While chemical treatments are available, a simple approach is to filter and treat the water as it is running straight from a tap and into the pond.

Removes chemicals like: Chlorine, Chloramine, bromine and many dyes.

The Dechlorinator is an easy to use In Line filter that attaches onto a standard garden hose pipe when it is connected to a tap. The De-Tox carbon filter removes the toxins in the tap water as it passes through from the tap and into the pond. High quality treatment from the source.

The filter is extremely economical and ensures less mess then using chemical treatments. Ideal for first pond fills


12" Dechlorinator

Max Flow: 540 LPH (144 GPH)

Treats Up to: 150000 Litres (33000 Gal)

30" Dechlorinator

Max Flow: 540 LPH (144 GPH)

Treats up to : 350000 Litres (76922 Gal)

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