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Evolution Aqua Stop Blanketweed Water Treatment

Sku: EAT120

Key Features

  • Contains no harmful chemicals
  • Safe for fish and plants in pond water
  • Can be used on ornamental ponds
  • Effective in eradicating Blanketweed
  • Easy to Use


Evolution Aqua STOP Blanketweed is an effective pond treatment for algae.

The Cleartech Stop treatment is effective against filamentous algae, known as blanketweed. When blanketweed forms on a pond it can look unsightly and can cause damage to the ponds pump and filter system. This in turn can reduce their effectiveness and ultimately cause a breakdown of pond equipment.

STOP Blanketweed is quick acting and can easily and safely remove the blanketweed without presenting danger to the fish or natural plants within the pond.

Please Note:

The product should NOT be used when frogs or toads are spawning, nor should it be used in a wildlife pond due to the lack of water circulation and lower oxygen levels.


1kg for Ponds up to 10000 Litres (2200 Gallons)
2.5kg for Ponds up to 25000 Litres (5500 Gallons)
4kg for Ponds up to 40000 Litres (8800 Gallons)

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