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Chapelwood Suet Ball Feeder with Lid - Large

Sku: CPF132_b

Key Features

  • Large Feeding Tube
  • Durable Metal construction
  • Can hold 2 x 500g Suet Balls.
  • Snap tight lid
  • Can be hung or placed on a flat surface


Birds love to eat the tasty treat that is a Suet ball. Chapelwoods range of Suet ball feeders gives bird watchers a great choice of feeders for their garden.

The Large Suet Ball feeder has a long mesh tube made of powder coated metal and provides many perching places for wild birds to rest and feed.

The feeder top features a snap shut lid which makes it easy to fill as well as safe for birds preventing them from climbing inside.

The feeder can be hung by way of its sturdy metal hanger

The Feeder is large and is capable of holding 2 x 500g Suet Balls.


Holds 2 x 500g Suet Ball

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