Oase Schaumsprudler 35 - 10 Foam Fountain Nozzle (Stainless Steel) - 50984

Oase Schaumsprudler 35 - 10 Foam Fountain Nozzle (Stainless Steel) - 50984

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The Oase Schaumsprudler 35-10e is one of Oase best selling fountain jet nozzle. It is excellent quality and very robust. The nozzle can be attached to an Aquarius Fountain 4000 -12000 to help create an effective fountain.

The foaming jet creates a vertical jet of water approximately 1 inch in diameter. Air is mixed with water to create a foaming sound.

Ideal for any garden pond, water feature or water display.


Fountain heights with

Aquarius Fountain Set 4000 :H 60 cm

Aquarius Fountain Set 6000 :H 90 cm

Aquarius Fountain Set 8000 :H 120 cm

Aquarius Fountain Set 12000 :H 220 cm

PondJet H 140 cm

Material Plastic / stainless steel

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