KCT 6 Meal Auto Pet Feeders

KCT 6 Meal Auto Pet Feeders


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Key Features


The Pisces 6 Meal Auto Feeder can feed your pet according to the time and quantity you specify. At each meal time, the cover will open for the first feeding and your pre-recorded voice message will be played to let your pet know it's time to eat.

The dish, which contains six large food trays, will remain open until the next programmed feeding time, allowing your pet to eat at their own pace.

At the next set meal time, the dish will cycle to the next full food tray.

Once the 6 meals are finished, simply remove the food tray to clean and then refill.


Available in 5 colours. Green, Dark Blue, Stone, Pink and Yellow

Four "C" Size batteries required (not included)

210ml Capacity per tray

Dimensions: 32x9cm

Weight: 1.25 KGS

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