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Cloverleaf Absolute Bio Gel - Nitrate and Ammonia Reducer

Sku: CLT210

Key Features

  • Effective Gel Treatment
  • Contains millions of live bacteria to help with the start up and maintenance of pond filter systems
  • Works quickly.
  • Can help to reduce the initial start up time of a new pond to 2 -4 weeks.
  • Effective for use after replacing a filter.
  • Easy to use
  • 100% natural and chemical free


Cloverleaf Absolute Bio Gel is an effective and fast acting treatment that helps with the start up and maintenance of all pond biological filtration systems.

The Bio Gel contains millions of live bacteria that has been formulated to work well with new pond filter systems. The Gel adheres to the filtration media effectively and shortens the time it normally takes to fully mature a filter system. In some cases this can be 6 -8 weeks, however using Absolute Bio Gel the time can be reduced to around 2 -4 weeks.

The Gel also works to reduce the harmful Nitrite and Ammonia in the pond water so is ideal for use all year round to keep a healthy environment. The Gel can also be used after replacing a filter or when increasing the volume of water.

What makes Absolute Gel a great product for your pond is that it is 100% natural and contains no harmful chemicals, helping to protect the pond, fish and wildlife inside.


1 Litre - Treats 10,000 Litres

5 Litres - Treats 50,000 Litres

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