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Cloverleaf Parasite Answer Koi Treatment

Sku: CLT130

Key Features

  • Contains Malachite Green Oxalate and Formaldehyde
  • Effective treatment for Fluke, Anchor Worm and White Spot
  • Safe for fish, wildlife and pets
  • Easy to Use


Even the healthiest of aquarium and pond fish can develop life threatening diseases.

Parasites like Fluke, anchor worm and white spot can infect fish and can cause serious damage that can eventually kill the fish.

Cloverleaf Parasite Answer is an effective treatment that quickly and safely resolves the problem without disturbing the pond's natural balance.


250ml Treats 6250 Litres (1375 Gallon)

500ml Treats 12500 Litres (2750 Gallon)

1 Litre Treats 25000 Litres (5500 Gallon)

Remove cap from dosage chamber and remove foil seal.

Squeeze the bottle and fill with the required amount.

Add to a bucket of pond water and mix.

Distribute evenly across the pond

Use Daily for 5 days

Do not repeat the treatment or use other treatments for 10 Days

Use 10ml per 1250 litres (275gal)

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