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Cloverleaf Rubber 90 Degree Bend (Elbow) Pipe Joiner

Sku: CLA320

Key Features

  • Rubber 90 Degree Bend (Elbows)
  • For joining 2 pieces of pipework at an angle
  • Easy to fit
  • Made of strong, durable and flexible rubber
  • Comes with 2 strong jubilee clips
  • Can be used on various types of pipe
  • Ideal for use in the Pond, around the garden and in the home
  • Various Sizes to Choose from


The Cloverleaf 90 Degree Bend connector is a flexible and high quality fitting for general use around the garden and home for creating angled bends where needed.

The Elbow connector can be used on a range of pipes from Pond Solvent based pipe work to waste, sewer, vent and various other tubing needs. Made of a durable and strong rubber material, the fittings are flexible and can fit to pipe work with ease.

Each fitting is provided with 2 corrosion resistant stainless steel jubilee clips that can be easily tightened to ensure a secure grip on the pipework.

The connector is ideal for fast repairs, permanent fixtures and even new installations around the pond, garden and home and because they are made of durable material they can protect against UV rays, chemicals and fungus growth while underwater.

The fittings can be used on solvent weld, push fit, copper, PVC, steel, lead, cast iron or clay pipe and can be removed and replaced with ease.

Slide the fitting over the pipe and use a screw driver to tighten the screw on the 316 Stainless Steel Clips to clamp tight.


Sizes Available





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