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Continuum Zoo Blast Zooplankton Complex 250ml

Sku: CAT116

Key Features

  • Wide range complex
  • Zooplankton ranges from 200 to 2,000 uM in size
  • Helps with colouration
  • Provides proteins
  • Useful for feeding corals, spongs and clams


Continuum Zoo Blast is a nutritious wide range zoooplankton complex for live corals and reef aquaria.

Zoo Blast is not made of ground of shrimp or fish like other products, but is made of actual plankton. It provides for growth and increased colouration in corals by providing important supplements like protein, lipids and omega fatty acides EPA and DHA as well as a wide range of vitamins.

It also provides carotenoids for colouration.

Zoo Blast is useful for feeding hard corals, sponges, filter feeding worms, tunicates and clams. It is also suitable for those that feed on mesoplankton.



250ml treats 2080 gallons

Shake well prior to use. Add 1 capful (5 ml) per 41 gallons (200 L) of marine aquarium water 2 to 3 times per week, in a area of high flow.

It is recommended that you turn off your protein skimmer and other filtration for 15 to 30 minutes prior to adding the Zoo•Blast to the aquarium.

Be careful when feeding liquid foods, not to overload the system.

It is recommended that you not add more than the recommended dosage of any food per day.

Continuum recommends that the hobbyist vary the types and sizes of foods delivered into the reef aquarium. Other Continuum foods that make good choices for this food rotation include Coral Exponential, Ocean Snow, Micro•Blast and Phyto•Blast. Also, occasionally blending the foods and using them as soaks for other foods will give your invertebrates a variety simulating nature. Vary the time of day for feeding, as well, being sure to feed at night for those organisms that primarily feed nocturnally.

Many corals feed primarily at night, extending their tentacles and mesentarial filaments, using their nematocysts to capture prey, and entrapping prey on their sticky tentacles with mucus and drawing it into their mouths

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