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Oase BiOrb Water Optimiser Aquarium Spray 100ml

Sku: BOT101

Key Features

  • 100ml Spray bottle
  • Helps improve biological filtration
  • Removes impurities in the water
  • Is 100% natural and safe
  • Can be used in all aquariums


The Oase BiOrb Water Optimiser is a simple and quick way to improve the quality inside a Biorb or any other aquarium.

The Water Optimiser improves the biological filtration, removes impurities from the water and benefits the overall well being of your fish.

Add a few squirts to your aquarium every week to help keep your tank water crystal clear and healthy.

The spray is suitable for all aquariums and is 100% natural and safe. You cannot overdose your aquarium with this fluid.


100ml bottle

2 Pumps will treat 15 Litres

Shake bottle for 10 seconds before use

Note-The water will go cloudy as treatment is added but will return to normal within a few hours

Suitable for Marine Tanks

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