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Oase BiOrb Aquarium First Aid Service Kit

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Key Features

  • First Aid Service Cartridge Kit
  • Fits all BiOrb Aquariums
  • Easy to use, simply replace the exisiting filter with this kit and follow the instructions
  • Helps to treat common fish ailments
  • Kit contains- 1 x treatment cartridge, 2 x treatment sachets and 1x water preparation chemical sachet.


From time to time aquarium fish can get ill and its not always clear what is causing it.

The BiOrb First Aid Service Kit has been developed to help treat fish, even when the cause is unknown. When you discover your fish are ill, a regiment of measuring and checking dilution rates is normally needed to ensure you get the right treatment at the right levels. The First Aid kit removes all of that hard work by simply being able to be placed in the Biorb.

With this kit you can simply replace the existing filter cartridge for the First Aid cartridge and add the treatment sachets on the days instructed, and the set gets to work in treating your fish.

The kit itself is not designed to be installed long term in a BiOrb as a way to prevent illnesses, it does not work as a filter so should only be used to temporary treat fish.


Kit contains

- 1 x Treatment Cartridge

- 2 x Treatment Sachets

- 1 x Water Preparation Chemicals.

Fits all BiOrb Aquariums.

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