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Oase BiOrb Amazonas Root and Elements Aquarium Ornaments

Sku: BOO280

Key Features

  • 3 Styles to Choose From
  • High-Quality Detailed Design
  • Made from Resin
  • Excellent for All Fish Tanks
  • Adds Character to your Aquarium
  • Works Great with Other Decor


The biOrb Amazonas Root and Elements Aquarium Ornaments are amazingly detailed decorations that bring the delights of aquatic life into your home.

Featuring lifelike qualities and being made from durable resin, these fish tank display pieces make decorating your fish tank a delight.

The Amazonas Roots have been designed with a hole in the centre to enable the ornament to sit neatly over the bubble tube.

Each ornament is perfectly safe for any aquarium and will work flawlessly with other decorations too.


Description    Item Number:  Dimensions (L x W x H mm)  Suitability (with biOrb Aquariums)
 Amazonas Root Ornament (Small)  55035  80 x 85 x 140  Fits All biOrb Aquariums
 Amazonas Root Ornament (Medium)  55036  70 x 150 x 240  Fits from 30 Litres
 Amazonas Root Ornament (Large)  55037  80 x 175 x 410  Fits from 45 Litres

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