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Oase BiOrb Ornamental Clamshell Aquarium Decoration

Sku: BOO150

Key Features

  • Realistic looking Clamshell ornament
  • 3 Sizes to choose from
  • Covers bubble tube in the centre of the BiOrb
  • Creates interest as well as shelter for the fish


Oase BiOrb Clamshell aquarium decorations are realistic looking ornaments that can sit over the centre bubble tube.

The ornaments come in 3 sizes and can sit pride of place in the centre of the BiOrb tank. Each ornament covers the central bubble tube and can help create a great styled aquarium as well as giving your fish shelter and a place to hide.

We recommend rinsing the ornament before placing in the tank.


Small: 12.5cm - fits Baby BiOrb 15L

Medium: 19cm - fits BiOrb 30L

Large: 26.5cm - fits BiOrb 60L and BiUbe

Can also fit the BiOrb Life but will not entirely cover the bubble tube.

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