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Oase BiOrb Ornament Medium Starfish On Rock

Sku: BOO149

Key Features

  • Realistic looking feature
  • Sits over the centre bubble tube
  • Easy to fit and move
  • Fits Biorb 30L and larger


Oase Biorb StarFish on Rock ornament is a great addition to your BiOrb display.

The realistic looking rock design is covered in sea star shaped fish. The ornament sits over the BiOrb central bubble tube but can also be used in other aquariums.

When combined with coloured plants or decorations, the rock ornament can make a creative focal point in your tank.


Height: 21cm

Suitable for biOrbs 30L and larger, biUbe, biOrb LIFE 30L, 45L and 60L and biOrb FLOW 30L

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