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Oase BiOrb Aquarium Complete Decor Sets

Sku: BOK100

Key Features

  • Complete Decor Sets
  • Ideal for beginners, to set up new tanks or for a complete decoration change
  • Selection of plants, ornaments and decorations for the BiOrb tanks
  • Available in 4 designs
  • 15L Sets will fit all Biorbs
  • 30L Sets will fit all Biorbs 30L and above.


New for 2017, Complete Decor Kits for the BiOrb Aquarium Range.

One of the most difficult things a BiOrb owner may face is......how to decorate the tank. With so many decorations to choose from, the choice may seem endless.

The new decor kits have been put together to make it easier to set up or change the decor of a tank. Each kit has been designed to blend a selection of decorations and ornaments to create eye catching and colourful displays.

Available as 15L and 30L versions, the kits contain a selection of plants, central ornaments and interesting decorations, and there are 4 styles to choose from

15L Red Forest - Contains a selection of red and crimson sea fans, lilys and decorations

15L Flower Garden - Contains a selection of Green and white ferns, lilys and ornaments

30L Pink Ocean - Contains a selection of purple, pink and white kelp, sea fans and decorations

30L Stone Garden - Contains green decorations and ornaments

The kits can also be used in other Aquariums and tanks.


Model Content  Suitable For
15L Red Forest
  • 1 x Small Flower on Wood Ornament
  • 2 x Small Crimson Fans
  • 1 x Crimson Sea Lily
  • 1 x red Colour Ball
  • 1 x set of 3 White Starfish
15L Tanks and Larger
15L Flower Garden
  • 1 x Frozen Branch Ornament
  • 2 x Small Green Feather Ferns
  • 1 x White Sea Lily
  • 1 x Green Daisy Ball
  • 1 x Set of 3 White Starfish
15L Tanks and Larger
30L Pink Ocean
  • 1 x Medium Pink Reef Ornament
  • 2 x Purple Sea Kelp
  • 1 x White Sea Fan
  • 1 x White Sea Lily
  • 1 x Purple Colour Ball
  • 1 x Pack of 3 white sea shells
  • 1 x Pack of 3 Pink Sea Stars
30L Tanks and Larger
30L Stone Garden
  • 1 x Medium Grey Slate Stack Ornament
  • 2 packs of 2 Small Green Ferns,
  • 1 x Topiary ball set (3 balls)
  • 1 x Moss ball set
  • 1 x Pack of 3 white sea shells
30L Tanks and Larger

These Decor kits are suitable for all aquariums and tanks, especially the BiOrb Life, Classic, Halo and Tube ranges

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