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BiOrb Heater Kit for Tropical Aquariums

Sku: BOH101

Key Features

  • All you need kit
  • Ideal for turning coldwater aquariums into tropical
  • Includes 50 Watt heater, Thermometer and fish food
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for all aquariums
  • 2 Year Guarantee


BiOrb Heater Kit For Tropical Aquariums

Now its easy to convert your coldwater aquarium into a tropical one. Included in this kit is all you need to enable you to quickly and easily change your tank.

The Pack contains a compact 50 Watt heater capable of heating the water to the required temperature. A heater stand is also supplied to enable you to attach the heater securely onto the curved shaped sides of your BiOrb tank.

To be able to monitor the temperature inside, a thermometer is provided. Also included is a small sample pack of fish food to get you started.


Pack includes

50 Watt Heater (18cm in length)

Heater Stand and suction cups

Glass Thermometer

Sample size of fish food


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