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Oase BiOrb Sea Fans Aquarium Decorations

Sku: BOD190

Key Features

  • 4 colours to choose from
  • Various sizes to suit a large range of aquariums
  • Works great with other decoration and ornaments
  • Weighted bases to stop the plants moving or falling over
  • Provides security for fish


Oase BiOrb Coloured Sea Fans are a great addition to your BiOrb aquarium.

The decorations are inspired by delicate sea fans of Indonesia. The plants can be easily placed in your BiOrb to create natural security for your fish while still allowing them to be seen among the stems of the plant.

The bases of these Sea Fans are made of a weighted ball design, preventing them being knocked over in the tank or floating to the surface.

They are easy to place and move around to suit the required look of your tank.



Small - 20cm (height)

Medium - 30cm (height)

*All sizes are approximate

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