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Oase BiOrb Aquarium Marble Pebble Packs

Sku: BOD130

Key Features

  • Pebble/Marble Packs
  • Decorative stones perfect for any aquarium
  • 5 styles to choose from.
  • Feng Shui properties


The Oase BiOrb Pebble Packs are decorative stones that look great in any aquarium setup, and can be mix and matched to create a unique effect.

The Pebbles come in 5 styles, each with their own Feng Shui Properties:

Red- For Power, Glory and Happiness

White - For Spiritual and moral purity

Green & Moss - Promotes hope, longevity and vitality

Black - to banish negative energy.

The Oase BiOrb Moss Pebbles are a large and realistic looking moss covered stone.

The pebbles can be added to the base of your fish tank to add a decorative touch to the aquarium as well as covering any ceramic media below it.

The pebbles are made of marble which is a solid stone and will not cloud the water. Once in the water the colour of the pebbles deepens and shines..


5 Colours available:





Moss Green

Approx 8 -10 pebbles per pack, ranging in sizes.

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