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Oase BiOrb One Way Valve

Sku: BOC116

Key Features

  • Simple to install valve.
  • Perfect to use when a leak is discovered
  • Can also be used to extend existing airline tubing
  • Includes 1 Metre of clear airline


The Oase BiOrb One Way Valve, ideal replacement for an existing valve

It is always advised to have a one way valve connected to your airline between your aquarium air pump and the outlet point. This prevents water back siphoning through the airline and causing damage to the air pump (most common during a power outage). And is especially recommended in set-ups where the air pump is positioned below the fish tank.

So it is vital to check the valve (every 6 months) to ensure it is still in order and is not leaking water.

The BiOrb One Way Valve is ideal to replace an existing valve that has developed a leak.

Suitable for all BiOrb tanks and other Aquariums air pumps


1x Valve

1x Metre Clear Airline

Valve must be positioned 6 inches from air pump

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